Q. How much do I need?
A. Length x Width x Height etc.
Q. What product do I need?
A. See below or contact us on (08) 9249 5314.
Q. Do Kingsway Sands supply all products?
A. If we don't we will let you know who does.

Products and Use

Brickies Yellow Bricklaying, paving and concrete
Plasterers Yellow Rendering and paving
Fill Sand House pads and backfilling walls etc.
Paving Sand Paving and concrete
Washed White Sand Playground Sand
Screened Top Soil Garden beds and under lawns
Mulches For top of garden beds
Garden Mix For garden beds and vegie gardens
Lawn Mix Top dressing for lawn
Road Base For preparation of driveways
Blue Metal Concrete and drainage
Gravel Decorate garden areas
River Sand For horse arena and nurseries
Brickies White White mortar joints
Plasterers White White rendering